Worried About Website Bounce Rate?

Dubai is a very competitive market and when it comes to Digital Marketing, almost 70% of the businesses have their presence on the Web. Here are a few quick fixes if you are having a Bounce Rate?

  1. Test Your Site Speed.

There are a lot of tools online to Test your Website Speed and it is one of the most important factors when it comes to Bounce Rate. If your Website Loading Time is more than 2.5 Seconds, you will have a bounce rate parallel to the loading time. You can use tools like Google Page Speed Insights or GTmetrix to see where you are lacking. To fix your Bounce Rate, you can contact our expert team for Audit & Fixing Errors on your Website

  1. Meta Title & Description

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization in Dubai or Google Search Campaigns, Most SEO workers make the mistake of using Titles & Descriptions to Clickbait the Audience to get Ranks on Google. However, this Strategy could work a week before Google catches the irrelevant search terms and make your ranks fall from the search engine.

  1. UI/UX

The User Interface & User Experience matter the most for any Website. The Website should be customized for a Layman and the Structure should be simple for your Target Market & Target Audience to understand. Similarly, the User Experience should be self-understanding & easy to navigate

  1. Content

Most of the Websites in Dubai have very little content compared to other Websites. It should be taken into consideration that your website is your Online Business Address and like a physical store every new & returning customer should be given the same level of experience. Your website should have the right amount of information for the Customer for them to understand your Website better.

  1. Monetized/Affiliate Websites

A number of Websites are the perfect source of information for the user, e.g Mobile Phone Comparison Website in Dubai or Job Search Portals, However, most of these websites are Monetized with a number of Ads popping on every single click affecting your Website Bounce Rate. If you are using Monetization, the Ads should be well placed and should not conflict with the user activity on your Website.

  1. Google Tag Manager/Google Analytics/Facebook Pixel

If you are running Google Search Campaigns in Dubai or Facebook Campaigns in Dubai and you have not installed the Tags on your Website, you might not be able to verify your Site Data & User Analytics. If you haven’t installed these Tags, you should install them now to understand the User Behavior on your Website. You can see where your customers are, which page they are searching the most, how much time they are spending on your website, and from which source they are coming to your website. It can help you understand your Campaign Performance.



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