Top 10 Google Searches of UAE in 2021

Google’s yearly report of top trending searches reveals the most popular keywords and topics across different categories.

UAE has a population of 89% ex-pats of almost 120+ Nationalities consisting majority of the Asian population. UAE has a diverse range of Search Terms ranging from Sports, Fashion, Entertainment, Science, and Technology.

Here is the list of Top 10 Google Searches of UAE in 2021:

  1. India vs England (Cricket)
  2. Euro Cup
  3. Ramadan 2021
  4. Cyclone Shaheen
  5. Expo 2020
  6. iPhone 13
  7. منصة الف
  8. Squid Game
  9. Olympics 2021
  10. مسبار الامل (Emirates Mars Mission)

From the Search Terms, we can see that Users showed the most interest in Sports. Brands took the Advantage of using Sports as a Marketing Tactic. Every Brand showed keen interest in Cricket, Olympics 2021 & Euro Cup and gained popularity from it with Branding Campaigns in Dubai.

Not just that Expo 2020 received a lot of attention in 2021 since the event was marketed for the first time in 2013 till the time it’s being held now. A number of Brands in Dubai transformed themselves with Expo 2020 & used Expo 2020 as a Marketing Platform to market themselves.

The Biggest Hit of 2021 was the Squid Game released on Netflix. The Season became an overnight success and created a ripple on social media with every customer talking about it and soon enough every brand took advantage of it and marketed themselves with it. The Agencies, Brands that took the first-mover advantage from it benefited the most.

The Emirates Mars Mission is a United Arab Emirates Space Agency uncrewed space exploration mission to Mars. It went into orbit around Mars on 9 February 2021 and became one of the top Google Search in 2021. In 2022, The Future Museum was also launched in Dubai, UAE known to be the most beautiful building on Earth is a Symbol to promote Science & Technology in UAE.

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